Remember that expensive class I signed up for ages ago? It starts tomorrow! I’m both scared and super excited.

*insert scared and horny gif*


A gentle reminder

Sherlock season 2 ends with Ella telling John to say what he wanted to say to Sherlock but couldn’t and he can’t do it

Sherlock season 3 ends with Sherlock wanting to say what he’s always wanted to say to John but couldn’t and he can’t do it

I wonder if what they wanted to say is similar at all

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if you can’t wait for john’s emotional breakdown in s4 clap your hands



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The Belstaf that Benedict Cumberbatch wore in Sherlock. It still looks sexy even if he isn’t wearing it lol

Found this posted on twitter from BakerStBabes 

God I want to see this show sooooooo bad.  They are even selling Sherlock’s silk dressing gowns in the gift shop although as you might expect they are not cheap.

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Gillian Anderson photographed by Dave Wise for Fiasco Magazine.

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levynite replied to your post “My baby boy Humle is in kitty hospital. We took him in on Tuesday…”

D: *hugs swede* I hope everything goes okay

Thanks Levy! All I know so far is that he has an inflammation in his pancreas, but they can’t say what’s causing it yet. :-/ *hugs*

My baby boy Humle is in kitty hospital. We took him in on Tuesday night as he’d been throwing up all day and they gave him liquids and medication for sensitive stomach (he’s had similar problems before) and told us to come back if it got worse. He hasn’t thrown up as much, but he’s been lethargic and refusing to eat so today we brought him in again and now he has to stay over night for tests and stuff. I’m really worried and scared that there’s something more serious than a sensitive stomach going on. :(((

Benedict Cumberbatch - London Film Festival Portraits

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There are 2 kinds of Johnlock


There are 2 kinds of Johnlock

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